EMLondon physician introduces free and open stethoscope to the world

EM London physician Tarek Loubani introduced a Free and open stethoscope this week in a talk at a hacker conference in Germany. The stethoscope was developed and tested in the emergency department in London. Watch the talk below or check out the coverage on Wired, The Register, BBC World Service, The Washington Times, Popular Mechanics and Haaretz.

Want your own stethoscope? Print it with the files here or email Tarek with your preferred colour and he'll totally get to it really soon. Hint: hot pink.

Online Medical Education

New to online medical education? Not familiar with terms like Twitter, PODCASTs, FOAMMED, blogsites or PODCASTS? Well its about time to get familiar with this because the amount of information you will find within these reources will keep you updated for years. Above everything else it is so easy once you learn how to do it. Until we can have our own repository on this, check out The Poison Review's article on online medical education and their link of important PODCASTs and websites.