CCFP-EM US Training

Thank you for your interest in the US training for CCFP-EM's at Western.

We are encouraging all residents to complete IP training during their EM year. This will be facilitated by a dedicated US-ER hybrid block where the rotation in ER is geared towards US scans. Coupled with scans done on regular shifts, whether at LHSC or surrounding hospitals, this has resulted in enough time to complete the CEUS IP training.

We will also make arrangements for residents to receive the CEUS equivalent initial one day course prior to starting their IP training.

If incoming residents have completed any portion of their CEUS training, or equivalent EDE-1 courses, they must let us know at the time of acceptance as they will be scheduled for advanced US training in critical care US, cardiac US or a customized US pathway with one of the advanced US practitioners in the Divisions of Emergency Medicine and/or Critical Care Medicine.

For own US program, which goes beyond the above into far reaching depths of POCUS, lung, cardiac and critical care US please go to and join the twitter blog @westernsono for our engaging and evolving US pathway involving faculty from several disciplines. All aspects of this program at Western are open to our EM resdients during and beyond their IP training.

CCFP-EM 2015-2016 residents

Welcome to our 2015-2016 CCFP-EM Residents. They have settled in to a great start and have been a pleasure to work with for the new Program Director, Munsif Bhimani. This crew has functioned independently in getting adjusted and familiarized with their new roles. They are eager to learn from all faculty members. Do help them out with any new processes they may not be very familiar with. 

They can be viewed here:


And The Streak Continues: Success In Ottawa!

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that we have three newly minted Royal College Emergency Medicine physicians as of noon today. Drs Kate Hayman, Morgan Riggan, and Bourke Tillmann were all successful in this years Ottawa campaign.

Kate is heading to the UHN and also sports an MPH from Johns Hopkins. Morgan is off to New York to complete a two year world renowned Toxicology Fellowship at NYCPCC. Bourke will be a staff consultant physician with the EMA, and complete the second year of his Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine.

On behalf of the Division, we are very proud to graduate three impressive physicians from the residency.



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