Academic half days and full days

Educational Objectives

The Schulich School of Medicine CFPC(EM) program adheres to the standards and meets the objectives of the CFPC, as outlined in the 'Red Book'. These objectives can be found at


This forms the backbone of the CFPC(EM) program and provides the focus for weekly core teaching as well as for your own studying.



Academic Half and Full Days (Thursdays)

Attendance is mandatory (with the exception of those on Wednesday night call on their CCTC rotation, vacation time, and when on out-of-town rotations where teleconferencing is unavailable and travel conditions are unsafe) for all sessions.

Summer School July-August (0930-1130)

Joint sessions on a variety of practical and academic topics are held on Thursday mornings 0930-1030 in July and August

Chief Rounds (0800-0900)

Weekly sessions including radiology, EKG interpretation, epidemiology and other topics selected by the FRCP(EM) and CFPC(EM) chief residents.

Grand Rounds (0900-1000)

Grand rounds will include a variety of guest speakers, quality improvement rounds (by faculty), case-based resident rounds, CPC competitions, and Simulation competitions.

Journal Club (0900-1000)

Held on the last Thursday of each month. Residents are expected to present once during the academic year. Dr. Marilyn Innes is the journal club coordinator.

Core Teaching (1000-1200)

This is based on the objectives set out by the CFPC and will include practice exam questions, current literature and Tintinalli chapters. It is expected that residents will be prepared by reading the assigned chapters prior to each session. If you cannot attend, you must inform both Sue Pierson and the consultant who is teaching core at least one week prior to the session.

Academic Full Days (1200-1900)

The third Thursday (this may change depending on Simulator availability) of every month will be an academic full day. The afternoons will be filled with a variety of joint CFPC(EM) and FRCP(EM) learning sessions including case based discussions, Tint rounds, procedural skills training and simulator sessions.