CCFP-EM Program Past Residents

We are proud of our former graudates who have ended up throughout the country and have all done well themselves from Program Directors (Dr Grushka and Dr Richardson) to Department Chiefs (Dr Heerema) to POCUS leadership (Dr Hassani and Ramkisson) and e-learning development (Dr Carr), these are the graduates who have taken forth our name and ended up in high places. Some of them have retrained in Radiology and Internal Medicine as well and have shown that learning never ends. Good work Dr Dhanoa and Dr Lim.

Old graduates are always welcome to come and teach and provide career counselling to our residents. Please contact the PD for further details.



Dr. Lance Miller

Dr. Ashley Lee

Dr. Matthew Moss

Dr. Andrew Gray

Dr. Aditya Karnik

Dr. Lesley Cannon

Dr. Gerrit Murray

Dr. Frank Myslik

Dr. Aman Sikand



Dr. Sophia Bianchi

Dr. Kyle Armstrong

Dr. Kyle Carter

Dr. Jean Chen

Dr. Fred Cheng

Dr. Thomas Cheung

Dr. Kate Gushulak

Dr. Han Sol Kang

Dr. Augene Seong

Dr. Victoria Smith



Dr. Kashif Ahmed

Dr. Shajan Ahmed

Dr. Meggan Brine

Dr Behzad Hassani

Dr. Brendan Peddle

Dr. David Phillips

Dr. Sylvia Pillon

Dr. Candice Rivest

Dr. Maria Tambakis

Dr. Tristan Walker



Dr Rachel Gagnier

Dr Heather Gladwell (Baerg)

Dr. Anne Marie Keeler

Dr. Ahmed Mian

Dr. Victor Ng

Dr. Monika Sharma



Dr. Alexandra Bongard

Dr. Evelyn Cheung

Dr. Rob Joffe

Dr. Augustine Marchie

Dr. Joanna Mahn

Dr. Ceara McNeil

Dr. David Melnychuk

Dr. Kevin Wishlow

Dr. Yashi Yathindra



Dr. Parham Davoudpour

Dr. Rejean Duwyn

Dr. Alex Ferguson

Dr. Mohammed Loubani

Dr. Sean Peterson

Dr. Sachin Ramkissoon

Dr. Andrea Sereda

Dr. Thivian Vandeyar

Dr. Erica VanDaalen



Dr. Jarrod Anderson

Dr. Carrol Harder

Dr. Sunil Mehta

Dr. Angela Novena

Dr. Ramesh Reddy

Dr. Matthew Renaud

Dr. Sid Sahay

Dr. Matthew Shaw



Dr. Boon Chang

Dr. Daniel Henry Grushka

Dr. Tim Heerema

Dr Catherine Ho

Dr. Christie MacDonald

Dr. Nick Mamalias

Dr. Allison Morand

Dr. Snezana Ninkovich

Dr. David Ng

Dr. Catherine Tong



Dr. Yaniv Berliner

Dr. Melanie Crozier

Dr. Terry Evans

Dr. Angela Good

Dr. Carlye Jensen

Dr. Tom Jimenez

Dr. Jon Partridge

Dr. Oren Shemtov



Dr. Richard Clarke

Dr. Chris Hollingsworth

Dr. Kate Lazier

Dr. Ajana MacBride

Dr. Don MacQuarrie

Dr. Seema Madhvani

Dr. Anna Mayer

Dr. Kari McFarlane



Dr. Munsif Bhimani

Dr. David Borenstein

Dr. John Campbell

Dr. Lina Chakrabarty

Dr. Maureen Farrell

Dr. Vimal Scott Kapoor

Dr. Laura McNamara

Dr. Christine Richardson

Dr. Susanna Yanivker



Dr. Rahel Ahmed

Dr. David Carr

Dr. Noelle Carrier

Dr. Grant Coome

Dr. Orla MacSweeney

Dr. James Menlove

Dr. Peter Rogers

Dr. Caroline Thompson



Dr. David Keegan

Dr. David Yap

Dr. Paul Johar

Dr. Jim Grochowski

Dr. Venkatash Thiruganasambandamoorthy

Dr. Gord Vail

Dr. Meng Lim

Dr. Stacey Valiquet

Dr. Mark Austin

Dr. Sean O'Sullivan



Dr. Andrew Bishop

Dr. Del Dhanoa

Dr. Greg Brown

Dr. Geoff Mills

Dr. Paul Pageau



Dr. Christopher Boule'

Dr. Steve DiPiero

Dr. Audrey Ling

Dr. David Mai

Dr. Travis Nairn

Dr. Anthony Pozzi