Core Rotations

The year is comprised of 13 x 4 week blocks

4 blocks - Emergency Medicine
               Urban stream: 3 blocks LHSC, 1 block regional/community
               Regional stream: 1 block LHSC, 3 blocks regional/community

1 block  -  Pediatric Emergency Medicine
1 block  -  Pediatric ICU or Pediatric Emergency Medicine

2 blocks - ICU/CCTC (Critical Care Trauma Centre)

1 block  -  CCU (Cardiac Care Unit)

1 block  -  Ultrasound / EMS / Emergency Medicine

1 block  -  HULC (Hand and Upper Limb Clinic - plastic and orthopedic surgery)

1 block  -  Ortho Hybrid (EM based orthopedics/trauma and Sports Medicine clinics)

1 block  -  Elective

The Elective month is meant to meet your learning needs and interests, upon approval.  Some opportunities in past years include a month of Toxicology in New York, Trauma, Ophthalmology, additional Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, Family+ER electives also exist. One can also do horizontal electives through the year in Anesthesia or Family Medicine.