Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds - Dr. Marilyn Innes: Does HS Troponin Improve Clinical Outcomes in ACS

In this Journal Club, Dr. Marilyn Innes takes a critical look at a JAMA paper on high sensitivity troponins and their impact on clinical outcomes. This study takes on the question: Does lowering the threshold for detection of plasma troponin improve clinical outcomes in patients with suspected ACS?

Mills NL, Churchhouse AD, Lee K, et al. Implementation of a Sensitive Troponin I Assay and Risk of Recurrent Myocardial Infarction and Death in Patients With Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome. JAMA. 2011;305(12):1210-1216. doi:10.1001/jama.2011.338.

This paper is available as free text

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Grand Rounds video: Live streaming our way into 2014

Hello friends,

Abstract: Grand rounds are now broadcast live. You can now watch grand
rounds without pants and not fear judgement or arrest. Also, if you're
in the room, don't be silly. Oh, and patient confidentiality.


Yesterday marked the first time that we (or anybody in the world for
that matter) broadcasted Emergency Medicine rounds live to the world.
It went well with only a few hitches, and will continue indefinitely.

Where can I get it?

We will be posting the rounds to the EML front page each week, but you
can look for them also on our youtube page. This week's rounds are already up.