Upcoming Teaching

Thursday Jan 18, 2017

08:00-09:00 @ VIC B2-119

Chief Rounds

09:00-10:00 @ VIC B2-119

Grand Rounds w/ Dr. Leci & Dr. Federman

10:00-12:00 @ VIC B2-119

CNS Infections w/ Dr. Fotheringham

13:00-16:00 @ VIC E1-123

CNS Infections w/ Dr. Ghate

Royal College Emergency Medicine

Resident as Teacher Day

Thank you very much to Dr. Allie Meiwald who put together an excellent academic full day today. It was a very fun and interactive day of learning how to become more effective teachers and presenters. Learning is always better with some fun activities involving marshmallows and juggling!


Congratulations New Recruits!

We would like to send out a big congratulations to the newest four Royal College Residents - Dave Morden, Danielle Kelton, Shane Freeman and Petrease Patton!

Welcoming the New FRCP Cohort!

Congratulatulations to the newest three members of the Royal College Emergency Medicine Program: John Teefy, Eric Leci & Michael Blaszak!

Western continues to have an excellent reputation for training in RC-EM, and boasts the largest number of enrolled EM trainees nationally, a direct reflection of our enthusiastic mentorship and hard work.

We look forward to working with our new residents on July 1st!

And The Streak Continues: Success In Ottawa!

It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that we have three newly minted Royal College Emergency Medicine physicians as of noon today. Drs Kate Hayman, Morgan Riggan, and Bourke Tillmann were all successful in this years Ottawa campaign.

Kate is heading to the UHN and also sports an MPH from Johns Hopkins. Morgan is off to New York to complete a two year world renowned Toxicology Fellowship at NYCPCC. Bourke will be a staff consultant physician with the EMA, and complete the second year of his Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine.

On behalf of the Division, we are very proud to graduate three impressive physicians from the residency.


Success in Ottawa

We are very proud to announce that Drs. Joel KrauseDanny PetersonSameer Mal and Ryan Arbeau were each successful in their Ottawa challenge and will soon be admitted as Fellows to the Royal College!  Please join me in a big congratulations the next time you see them in the department.  Their hard work and perseverance over the last five years all comes down to a single E-mail "congratulations you were successful."
Well done gentlemen!
Rob Sedran