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November 29, 2018 - UH Aud A

0800-1700 Toxicology Workshop



Royal College Emergency Medicine

Resident Electives


There is one block of elective time in the PGY2 year and a total of
twelve blocks of elective time in the PGY3 through PGY5 years. These
twelve blocks of electives generally are taken toward the end of the
residency, however the program allows the flexibility to insert
elective time at any point in the PGY3 to PGY5 years. These electives
have been used for a variety of purposes, both to round out education
and enhance areas of interest or weakness. Some examples of popular
electives are as follows:


This elective allows the resident to get concurrent
experience in Clinical Toxicology at either the Poison Control Centre
at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and/or NYU Bellevue
Hospital in New York City. In Toronto, the resident on-call will take
calls from Poison Control nurses, and direct the management of
toxicologic cases that come through this large Poison Control Centre.
The resident is backed up by a board-certified medical toxicologist to
discuss cases as they come in. In addition, the resident attends weekly
rounds at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, and is
occasionally responsible for a case presentation and discussion.

The elective in New York City provides residents the
opportunity to receive teaching from one of the most established
Clinical Toxicology centres in North America. Responsibilities include
daily attendance at emergency morning rounds at Bellevue Hospital,
followed by call-backs and teaching at the New York City Poison Control


An elective experience has been negotiated with
Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South
During this one or two month elective, the resident acts as a member of
Trauma Team in the Princess of Wales Trauma Unit. The hospital is a
teaching hospital Level 1 (equivalent) trauma centre for the northern
suburbs or the Western Cape. It is a trauma only emergency unit,
separate from other other hospital emergency units. Here,
the resident sees a wide variety of penetrating trauma at
one of the world's busiest trauma centres. This popular elective allows
residents exposure to a high volume of trauma not normally seen in
Canadian centres. Residents are eligible to receive support for travel
and accommodation from the program for this elective. Trauma electives
in other cities in Canada and the United States are available.

Miscellaneous Electives

Residents are encouraged to use elective time towards
of interest. Residents looking to pursue further training in
subspecialty areas of emergency medicine are encouraged to try and
incorporate some of their subspecialty training into their elective
time. Residents in the past have used this time toward certification in
critical care, sports medicine, EMS, ultrasound and advanced degrees in
medical education, clinical epidemiology, tropical medicine and health
administration. Other
opportunities exist and are generally supported by the program


London Emergency Medicine Looks Forward to Welcoming CaRMS Candidates

The UWO FRCP Emergency medicine program and current residents are getting ready to host the CaRMS applicants who have been selected for interviews. Current residents and faculty will host a "Welcome to London" get together on the evening of Thursday January 31st for the candidates. Interviews commence at 8 am Friday February 1st. Those candidates interviewing in the afternoon will be taken on a whirlwind tour of London's hospitals and other points of interest in the morning. Candidates interviewed in the morning will have the opportunity to take the tour in the afternoon.

Interviewees can find an abundance of information about Emergency Medicine in London, the UWO Emergency Medicine program and some great links for the city itself on this webpage. If they have any further questions don't hesitate to email the program director at sanderso@uwo.ca or feel free to email any of the residents.

Good luck, travel safe and we look forward to meeting you!

Successful Resident Airway Day


The Division of Emergency held it's first Resident Airway Day on Monday November 26. This was a significant expansion of the annual core half day of RSI and Difficult Airway training given previously. There were 15 FRCP and CCFP-EM residents and one visiting medical school attending. There were 5 faculty members with expertise in various aspects of airway management including pediatrics and community based EM.

It was held at the glittering and advanced CSTAR facility at University Hospital and was comprised of lectures on Basic and Difficult Airway, RSI and the Pediatric Airway as well as 3 workshops with hands on experience with 9 pediatric and adult manikins, 2 improvised surgical airway models, an Airman and the sophisticated and interactive Simman. New devices taught included the Levitan scope and the GlideScope. The day was ended with a workshop comprised of advanced airway cases requiring a team approach to resuscitative decision making and hands on interventions.

The event was rated highly by all 13 participants who completed evaluations. There were very helpful suggestions for improvement which are being addressed for the next Airway Day.

A special thanks is owed to our faculty; Drs. Miriam Mann, Tim Lynch, Trevor Gilkinson, Jeff Fuss and Greg Mosdossy. We also would like to offer our appreciation for the behind the scenes technical and administrative support by the tremendous staff at CSTAR; Tammy Mills, Lisa Shaver, Karen Pilkey, Dave Harrison, Dave Browning and Dorace Ramage.


Congrats Ian & Adam!
I am pleased to report that both Dr. Ian Ball and Dr. Adam Dukelow were successful in earning the coveted FRCP(C) at their Royal College exams in emergency medicine this past weekend in Ottawa. I know that both worked very hard in achieving this milestone and I'm sure everyone would join in congratulating them on a job (more than) well done.

In a related story... Drs. Marilyn Innes (UofT), Crispen Richards (McMaster), and Andrew McRae (Queens) were also successful this past weekend, and will be joining the ranks here in London once they've had a chance to relax I'm sure.

Congrats again everyone !!!