Undergraduate Medicine

Undergraduate Medicine

General Information

The Division of Emergency Medicine plays an integral role in the delivery of undergraduate medical education at Western University. Division members contribute in a wide variety of ways over the 4 years of the MD Program curriculum. Some examples include instruction in: Patient Centred Clinical Methods, Professional Portfolio, The Emergency Care Course, The IV Start Course, Core Clerkship Teaching, Clerkship Seminars and the Integration & Transition Course. Clinical teaching is also provided during observerships, core clerkship, selective and elective rotations. 

The undergraduate program will be beginning the implementation of Competency Based Medical Education with our year 3 clinical clerks in 2018. 

Contact Us

Dr. Laura Price is the Undergraduate Medical Education Program Director for Emergency Medicine.
Dr. Sylvia Pillon is the Assistant Undergraduate Medical Education Program Director for Emergency Medicine. 
      (519) 685-8500 ext 55055

      (519) 667-6769 (VIC)
      (519) 663-3013 (UC)

Email: lprice4@uwo.ca