Undergraduate Medicine

General Information
Summary of Undergraduate Medical Education

The Division of Emergency Medicine plays an integral role in the delivery of undergraduate medical education at Western University. Some of the contributions are summarized below:

Patient Centred Clinical Methods (PCCM) - Year 1 & 2

The PCCM course aims to teach basic clinical techniques and communication skills.

Professional Portfoliio - Year 1 & 3

A longitudinal course that uses reflection as a learning strategy in order to support students' professional development in the non-medical realms.

Emergency Care Course - Year 2

A week long course focused on the prinicples of resuscitation. It involves lectures, independent learning modules, and small group sessions.

IV Start Course - Year 3

A session to teach students the basics of phlebotomy and intravenous cannulation. 

Core Clerkship Teaching - Year 3

A day and a half session aimed to prepare clinical clerks for their Emergency Medicine rotation. The format involves interactive small group modules and low fidelity simulation.

Clerkship Seminars - Year 3

Interactive lectures on three topics: Radiology, Approach to Toxicology, & Drugs of Abuse.

Integration & Transition - Year 4

A nine day course focused on both the care of the cricitally ill and the mentally patient. The format involves lectures, independent learning modules, small group sessions and high fidelity simulation.

Bedside Teaching - Years 1-4

Students in year 1 & 2 may arrange clinical observerships to obtain exposure to teaching and patient care in the Emergency Department. Students in year 3 & 4 will be paired with a staff emergency physician for all of their shifts on core clerkship, selective and elective rotations. Bedside teaching is provided throughout these clinical experiences. 

Competency Based Medical Education

The MD Program at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry is transitioning to a Competency Based Medical Education curriculum. We will start implementation of the new curriculum with our year 3 clinical clerks in 2019.

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Dr. Laura Price is the Undergraduate Medical Education Program Director for Emergency Medicine.
Dr. Sylvia Pillon is the Assistant Undergraduate Medical Education Program Director for Emergency Medicine.
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