FirstNet Design Questions for HUGO

As part of HUGO, we are updating the Cerner codebase in the next couple of months, which will update both PowerChart & FirstNet. As a result, I was given the opportunity to see the "new code" in action, and was surprisingly pleased with the appearance. I most recently learned, however, that the we (the adult emerg docs) have decided to change a few things that make it look (IMHO) 1) ugly, 2) cluttered and 3) difficult to read. I grabbed a screenshot of the "generic Cerner" look and was hoping to get a consensus on whether to change things or whether people are happy with the status quo.

There are 3 poll items that I would like you to consider, after viewing the following images (click on the images to zoom in)

CERNER STANDARD VIEW (Click image to enlarge)

fn cerner

LHSC CURRENT VIEW (Click image to enlarge)

fn hugo

  1. Look at the difference between the font size (bigger) and weight (bold) and the background color (white vs. grey) of the rows on the tracking board between the Cerner "recommended view" and our LHSC view (as seen in the new code version.) I was told this was "voted on" by the adult emerg docs, but I can tell you no one asked me. I find the Cerner version much easier on the eyes. We are planning to upgrade all the systems to 21" widescreen monitors as part of HUGO, and hence side scrolling will not be an issue.
  2. The color of the tabs are RIDICULOUS and PAINFUL to look at. I would suggest changing them to more subdued colors, or even the colors we currently use on the online schedule. Of note, we are unable to change the color of the text on the tabs, making dark tabs hard to read (one of the many Cerner-isms that exist).
  3. There are too many tabs. While I understand the logic behind having the checkout tab, the situations where we need it are few and far between, and the clerks still have access to it if need be. It was suggested that we compile all tabs into one and simply make them all accessible via the tab dropdown. Unfortunately, this is not possible, and so the To Be SeenAll Patients andCheckout tabs must all be separate (a Cerner-ism). I suggest we ditch at least the Checkout tab.

You can find the poll questions here.