Pre-Arrival Process

Pre-arrival allows you to use the FirstNet tracking board as an effective communication tool regarding which patients are expected to come the Emergency Department and what their presenting complaint is.  We will use this to replace the current system of writing down the details of a consult call on a random piece of paper.

Launch the Pre-Arrival form by clicking on the Ambulance icon at the top of the FirstNet window.


This opens the Pre-Arrival Form, as shown below. (click the image to enlarge)


None of the fields are mandatory.  Fill in what you can from what you are told on the phone about the consult, and hit OK.

Thats it.  The patient should now appear on the tracking board - No need to run to triage with that little piece of scrap paper!

Once the patient arrives, the registration clerk will attach the pre-arrival form to the patients actual chart, so any notes you entered into the form will be available to the doc who actually sees the patient.