New Consultants 2012

We are excited to welcome 6 new Emergency Medicine Consultants to London.  All 6 of the below ER docs will start in July 2012.  We are also expecting 2 more Emerg Consultants to start in the next 6 months!  Please read through the new team members bios and join us in welcoming them to the team!

Dr. Baig Dr. Davis Dr. Gladwell Dr. Meiwald Dr. Ng Dr. Sharif
Dr. Mirza Baig Dr. Matt Davis Dr. Heather Gladwell Dr. Allie Meiwald Dr. Victor Ng Dr. Nadder Sharif

{slide=Read more...|close|noscroll|grey}Dr. Baig completed his medical degree at University Health Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan.  Mirza then completed his CFCP at the University of Toronto.  After his initial two years of training in Mississauga, Mirza moved to Saskatoon to pursue his passion of Emergency Medicine. His primary interests, among many, include Emergency Department Ultrasound and Toxicology. Besides working in an acute ED, Mirza likes spending time with his wife and family. Dr. Baig's mentors in London are Dr. Roy Roebotham and Dr. Munsif Bhimani.{/slides}

{slide=Read more...|close|noscroll|grey}After residing in Pickering, Kingston and Hamilton Ontario, Matt moved to London Ontario in 2007 to complete his residency in the Royal College Emergency Medicine program.  He completed a "fellowship" year in prehospital care at the Southwest Ontario Regional Base Hospital Program in his fourth year o residency.  This year further developed his interest in EMS and EMS research.  When not at work, Matt enjoys hitting up fresh powder on the mountains, traveling, cross country biking, winning big in Vegas and hanging out in the Old South.  Dr. Davis' mentors are Dr. Mike Peddle and Dr. Adam Dukelow.{/slides} {slide=Read more...|close|noscroll|grey}I am originally from Brampton, Ontario and attended the University of Toronto for my Hon. B.Sc. in psychology and life science. I then took time off to backpack and work overseas. I moved to London in 2005 to attend medical school at UWO and liked it here so much that I stayed for my CCFP and CCFP-EM training. My interests include medical education and travelling.  Dr. Gladwell's mentors are Dr. Christie MacDonald and Dr. Dawn Giffin.{/slides} {slide=Read more...|close|noscroll|grey}Allison completed her Royal College training in Emergency Medicine here in London but will always be a Newfoundlander at heart, which is where she completed her nursing and medical degrees. Her professional interests lie in medical education. Currently, Allison is kept busy building a house and planning a wedding, but she does look forward to enjoying her new found non-study time and simply spending time with friends and family.  Dr. Meiwald's mentors are Dr. Rob Sedran and Dr. Laura Foxcroft.{/slides} {slide=Read more...|close|noscroll|grey}Victor completed an undergrad and master's degree in kinesiology at Western University prior to medical school at the University of Manitoba.  Subsequently he returned to London to complete his family medicine and emergency medicine training.  His research and academic interest include primarily medical education, global health and musculoskeletal injuries in the emergency department.  In his spare time, Victor is an avid traveler and been to every continent at least once!".  Dr. Ng's mentors are Dr. Ram Reddy and Dr. Wanda Millard.{/slides} {slide=Read more...|close|noscroll|grey}Hello everyone! This is Nadder (pronounced nod-air).   I am very excited to begin this new chapter in my life and can't wait to meet you all soon!  Here are 10 facts about me... 1) born in Iran; 2) raised in Calgary; 3) hardcore Flames fan; 4) went to high school on Vancouver Island; 5) travelled through Europe and Australia after high school; 6) worked several "interesting" jobs before starting university; 7) 13 years of post-secondary education: undergrad at Western, grad at McGill, Med school at U of T, family medicine at U of A and EM at U of S; 8) triathlon is one of my interests, but so is beer; 9) my stomach was way flatter when I was more serious about triathlon and less serious about beer; 10) I am passionate about EM and hope to make meaningful contributions to the London group and the specialty at large in the future.. Dr. Sharif's mentors are Dr. Scott Anderson, Dr. Andrew Jones and Dr. Kelly Regan.{/slides}