24 UWO Emerg Research Abstracts Accepted for CAEP 2011!

We are extremely pleased to
announce that all 24 abstracts
submitted to CAEP (St. John's
Newfoundland June 4-8, 2011) have been accepted for

It is with great pleasure and excitement to announce that the
abstracts submitted by
Dr. Matt Davis (PGY-4), Dr. Sameer Mal (PGY-3) and Dr.
Justin Yan
(PGY-2) have been ranked among
the top ten resident abstracts submitted this year! 

As such, Matt, Sameer and Justin have each been awarded one of the 10 CAEP 2011
Resident Research Abstract Awards (which includes $500 and a complimentary CAEP
2011 registration). Recognition will also be given in the Canadian Journal of
Emergency Medicine (CJEM) and on the CAEP website. Please join me in congratulating
Matt, Sameer and Justin on their outstanding success!

The Division of Emergency
Medicine is extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Sameer Mal (PGY-3) and Dr.
Justin Yan
(PGY-2) have been invited to give an ORAL PRESENTATION to detail the results from their research
projects. The presentation times are listed below

Invited Staff Presentations:

Dr. Marcia Edmonds has been named
CAEP 2011 Research Track Chair
and has
been extremely busy organizing all the research abstracts, grants and awards.
Marcia will be very busy this year at the conference overseeing all the
research presentations. Fantastic work Marcia!

Dr. Dave Ouellette and Dr.
Ryan Arbeau
(PGY-3) are presenting a CPC case entitled "Tachycardia" on Saturday June 3rd during the
afternoon session. The same duo from UWO placed 2nd in this
competition last year.

Dr. Mike Peddle has been named the CAEP 2011
Surgery/Trauma Track Chair
and will be presenting a session entitled "
Bomb Blast: Explosive Injuries Assessment and
Management" on Sunday June 5 from


Oral presentations:

Abstract #5175

The Impact of Autopulse on the rate of return of spontaneous
circulation in out of hospital cardiac arrest in Oxford County.           

Mal S, McLeod S, Leggett L, Dukelow A,
Lewell, M.

Oral Sunday
June 5th 4:15           


Abstract #5205

Patient-related outcomes in suspected renal colic after
discharge from the emergency department.

Yan JW, Edmonds ML, McLeod SL, Sedran RJ, Theakston KD.           

Oral Tuesday
June 7th 11:45           


Poster Group 1 Sunday June 5th:

Abstract #5152

The Influence of Electronically Available Wait-Time Data on
Choice of Emergency Department for Patients with Non-Critical Medical

Yip A, McLeod SL, McRae A, Xie B.           


Abstract# 5178

A 5-year retrospective review of sepsis in the emergency

Arbeau RP, McLeod SL, Doran S, Sedran RJ           


Abstract #

Acute appendicitis:  an  optimal  outer appendiceal  diameter  cutoff  in  a  pediatric  population.     

Prendergast PM, Lynch T, McKillop S, Poonai N, Lim RK.


Abstract #

Pediatric Clavicular Fractures: Assessment of
Fracture Patterns and Risk Factors following nonoperative treatment.

BJ, Carey TP, Seabrook JA, Lim RK.


Poster Group 2 Tuesday June 7th:

Abstract# 5124           

Effect of an emergency department sepsis protocol on
adherence to early goal directed principles.

Arbeau RP, McLeod SL, Fernandes CMB, Moss M, Doran S, Sedran RJ


Abstract # 5156

CT Head Imaging in a
Rural ED for Patients with THI

Davoudpour P, Bhimani M,Milne K,
Ballantine M.


Abstract # 5162

Documentation of pre-test probability and risk factors for
venous thromboembolism in the emergency department of an academic tertiary care

Duwyn R, McLeod SL, Fernandes CMB


Abstract # 5163

The Clinical Scaphoid Fracture: Diagnosis and Treatment
Variability in Current Practice.

Ramkissoon S, McLeod SL, Shah A.           


Abstract # 5164

Emergency Department Disposition of Sport-related Acute Mild
Traumatic Brain Injury.

Ferguson A, McLeod SL, Millard W.           


Abstract # 5165

Ambulatory Visits to a Canadian Emergency Department (AVCED)

Woolfrey K, Meiwald A, McLeod SL


Abstract # 5170

The utility of emergency department ordered diagnostic tests
for acute aortic dissection: A 5 year review.

Mahn J, McLeod SL, Theakston KD.           


Abstract # 5171

Do call volume and training level result in lower rates of
paramedic error?           

Robinson P, Davis M, Dukelow A, Lewell M, Rodriguez


Abstract # 5172

Analysis of
paramedic error on ambulance call reports.

Romano S, Davis M, Dukelow A, Lewell M, Rodriguez


Abstract # 5173

A comparison of CTAS scoring between paramedics and triage
nurses: a retrospective review.           

Vandeyar T, Sereda A, Lewell M, Dukelow A, McLeod SL, Davis M,Rodriguez S.


Abstract # 5174

Prehospital Medical Directives: How often are they being
applied when indicated? A retrospective review.

Sereda A, Vandeyar T, Lewell M, Dukelow A, McLeod SL, Davis


Abstract # 5176

The sensitivity of CT scanning in the diagnosis of
spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage in patients presenting at various times
after their headache onset.

Loubani M, McLeod SL, Fuss J.


Abstract # 5177

Do Radiation Exposure Risks Influence Diagnostic Imaging
Choices for Investigating Pulmonary Embolism in an Adult Emergency Department?           

Ahn JS, Edmonds ML, McLeod SL, Dreyer, JF


Abstract # 5180

Predictors of mortality in the septic emergency department
patient: A five year review

Arbeau RP, McLeod SL, Doran S, Sedran RJ


Abstract # 5204

Analgesia in the emergency department management of suspected
renal colic.

Yan JW, McLeod SL, Edmonds ML, Theakston KD, Sedran RJ.


Abstract # 5248

The use of anticoagulation prophylaxis in patients presenting
to the emergency department with atrial fibrillation at high risk of stroke.

Bongard AF, Richardson CA, McLeod SL.


Abstract #

Physician Perceptions of Barriers to Patient Care in Southwestern
Ontario Rural Emergency Departments

Carter K, Bhimani M.

Please join me
in congratulating the 5 FRCP residents, 2 CCFP-EM residents, 6 CCFP-EM
Graduates, 19 staff consultants, 3 SWORBHP staff, 6 UWO medical students
and most of all, Shelley McLeod, the Division's research coordinator,
their outstanding success!

Newfoundland, get ready for a London invasion!!!