Royal College Program - Evaluation

ED Shift Assessment

In addition to regular rotation assessments, residents are expected to track each patient that they see while on their emergency medicine rotations. The purpose of this is to act as a reminder for discussion at the end of shift daily evaluations. Residents go over the cases that they have seen with their most responsible consultant in order to highlight strengths and weaknesses. Formal evaluations of both the resident and staff are completed through One45 at the end of each shift.


Exam Preparation

Formal assessments also involve the annual Canadian In Training Examination (CITE), American Board of Emergency Medicine In-Training Examination and our "popular" Annual Mock Orals. The Mock Orals are in January/February of each year and is set up to emulate a real Royal College oral exam experience. Each resident cycles through two rooms with two examiners per room. Following the exam, residents and faculty get together over beer and munchies to debrief and provide the "ideal" answers to the questions - and take abuse from the residents!


Program Director Feedback

Individual residents formally meet with the program director once every six months to review progress. Of course, more frequent, less formal meetings take place regularly should issues arise. Additionally, the program director meets with the residents as a group on a regular basis over breakfast to allow the residents to gang up on the program director and make suggestions for program improvement/change in a group format.


Residency Program Committee

The RPC is a committee which meets regularly throughout the year to discuss current issues and changes to the residency program. All residents are welcome to attend meetings, however at least one junior and one senior resident are required at each meeting to represent their colleagues. Through this program regular updates and feedback are passed between administrators, staff, and residents to ensure that the program is continually evolving and improving.