Royal College Program - Academic Sessions

Weekly Academic Half Day (Thursdays, Sept - June)

0800-0900 - Senior/Chief Rounds

0900-1000 - Grand Rounds

1000-1200 - Core Teaching

For updated schedule please see the EM London Calendar.


Core Teaching (Rosen's Based)

These weekly teaching sessions are specifically designed for Royal College residents. The core knowledge areas in emergency medicine are covered through a series of 140 two-hour sessions that cycle through a four-year curriculum. These seminars are designed to cover the breadth and depth of the knowledge areas of emergency medicine and are based on chapters from Rosen's. There are specific objectives developed for each and every one of these 140 sessions to guide the residents preparation for these sessions. These sessions are presented for the most part by consultant emergency physicians, and occasionally from experts in other fields.


Senior/Chief Rounds

These practical sessions in emergency medicine are attended by both Royal College and CCFP-EM residents. They are deisgned to cover a number of areas outside the didactic, knowledge based, core content sessions. These rounds are organized and scheduled by the chief residents, but are presented by any of the senior residents. Guest speakers are often invited to present these rounds including specialists in electrophysiology, dentistry, and nurses from the local sexual assault centre.

These sessions focus on practical EM skills. They are often case based and cover areas such as x-ray and CT reading, ECG interpretation, emergency medicine procedures (ie. casting, surgical airways, thoracotomy), exam preparation skills and clinical epidemiology/statistics.


Grand Rounds

These rounds are open to all emergency medicine department staff. Although usually presented by staff physicians or guest speakers, residents in PGY2-PGY5 will present one grand rounds topic per year. These presentations are an opportunity for residents to improve their skills in seminar facilitation and critical appraisal of current EM literature. These resident-lead presentations are supervised and attended by a consultant whose purpose is to provide feedback to the resident in their preparation for and presentation of the grand rounds.


SIM Teaching

We are very happy to have Dr. Karen Woolfrey as the Simulation Program Director as of September 2015. With assistance from many of the other emergency department staff we have regular high fidelity teaching sessions.

Simulation teaching takes place in the afternoons from 1300-1600 during our monthly academic full-days. Please see the EM London Calendar for scheduled dates.

Additional (optional) simulation based learning sessions take place during the spring as the Sim Team prepares for the annual competition at CAEP and occasionally through our morning Chief Rounds.


Summer School (Thursdays, July & August)

During the summer months, regular core, senior rounds, and grand rounds are suspended. As a result, weekly acaedmic half days are organized and usually presented by the chief residents. The content of these lectures is very similar to the Senior/Chief Rounds presented during the year. Material selected is usually of a practical nature and presented in an interactive fashion. Both Royal College and CCFP-EM residents particpate in these weekly half-days.