Referral Guide


Inpatient- No inpatient admissions, but there is a city wide consultant available by pager for urgent questions

Outpatient- Allergy outpatient clinics available. Referrals are faxed

We are on Social Media!

Our program is entering the world of social media! Keep checking here for our social media links:

Starting with the CCFP-EM Program, our Residents are entering the world of #FOAM and #SoME. Learn about social media by exploring the Internet for "FOAM Emergency Medicine"....or search Twitter for #FOAM. If you like what you see head over to the EM cases blog on social media to learn about this.

Check out the CCFP-EM residents Portal at westernccfpem.com.

Tweet with us at @western_ccfpem

Or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/uwoem2015

And if you are on Twitter, send a shout out to Dr Munsif Bhimani who is compiling this social media presence, or tweet him to learn about this technology (@munsifio)

Continue to look for similar links for the FRCP-C program and the London EMA Emergency Department. Together we can explore the online world of emergency medicine and medical education and facilitate the translation of knoweldedge from conferences and papers to our patients through the social media bridge.