Meet The New Emergency Consultants For 2014

  • AJ originally a transplant from the west coast, having grown up on Vancouver Island. He moved to London at the beginning of medical school and stayed to complete his residency and EM training. During his spare time, he enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his family: hiking, canoeing, fishing and most recently, sailing. AJ has enjoyed learning and working with the ED teams here at LHSC/SJHC over the last several years. AJ is excited to continue on as clinical staff and hopes to get further involved with research and medical education.

  • Hometown: Toronto
    Undergrad: Western Health Sciences
    Med School: Western
    Residency: Western
    Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
    Favorite Food: Steak
    Favorite Drink: Guinness
    Favorite Movie: Braveheart, Gladiator, Justin Bieber ‘Never Say Never'
    Favorite Band: Dave Matthews, Justin Bieber
    Activities: Scuba, mountain biking, snowboarding, traveling, eating, drinking, going to Justin Bieber concerts by myself...
    Dog: Riley the Puggle
    Favorite Charity: Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Kate is originally from North Bay and left there to pursue an undergraduate education in Life Sciences at Queen's University. She studied Medicine at the University of Ottawa and went on to finish her training in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at Western University. In her free time she enjoys travelling, playing guitar and piano and is a devoted Jays fan.

  • Sameer completed his undergraduate medical education at McMaster University (2008) and the Royal College program in Emergency Medicine at Western University (2013). With an avid interest in pre-hospital care, he completed a focused area-of-interest year in EMS during PGY4 and is currently completing a fellowship in Retrieval and Pre-hospital Medicine with the Greater Sydney Area-HEMS in Sydney, Australia. He would like to continue his career in Canadian EMS and help translate the unpredictable, high stakes environment of EMS care to improve patient safety and processes in the ED.

  • Having completed both his med school and EM residency at Western, Justin is thrilled to be signing on with the team of emerg docs in his home for the last 9 years: London, Ontario. His professional interests include clinical EM research, teaching residents/med students, and simply “making a difference”. Justin’s guilty pleasures include chicken wings and other salty snacks; playing with his dogs, Robbie and Marlee; and physical fitness.

August 20, 2014

Latest News

ED POCUS Introductory Course 2014
12 July 2014

The academic year is off to another successful start! This year was kicked off by the annual Division of Emergency Medicine POCUS Introductory Course on July 10th, held at CSTAR. Featuring Faculty and Resident instructors, this year's flipped-classroom style was attended by multidiciplinary trainees in Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Vascular Surgery and Family Medicine.

Huge thanks to our Course Directors (Dr. Mirza Baig and Dr. Behzad Hassani), our planning committee and our dedicated Faculty, without whom this course would not be possible.

Stay tuned for updates about upcoming courses.

Check out more snapshots of the event at WesternSono!

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Emergency Department Systems Transformation - A celebration and simulation
06 May 2014

Emergency Medicine in London is undergoing a radical and fundamental change! Recently, we celebrated the exciting initiatives based on the Toyota Production Systems philosophy.

Check out the explanation of what's coming to London's ERs in the coming months and years, as well as a simulation of K2 - our "front bubble" simulation.


This video is released as Creative Commons By-Attribution ShareAlike

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London's EDs first in world to get 3D printers
05 April 2014

In what I believe is a world first in Emergency Medicine, the Emergency Department in London, Ontario has deployed the first of two 3D printers at the Victoria campus. Once the kinks are worked out, the next printer will be deployed at the University campus.

For some geek talk, we have installed a Reprap Prusa i3 with RAMPS 1.4 electronics, and a single Greg's Wade extruder with a J-head MK V-B 0.4mm nozzle. We will be using Blender and FreeCAD to design, Slic3r to slice and Printrun to print. We will only use PLA plastic, a corn-based biodegradable material.

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Dr. Karl Theakston: The latest thinking on mechanisms of acute coronary syndrome
14 March 2014

In this PEP round, Dr. Karl Theakston reviews a recent NEJM article entitled "Mechanisms of acute coronary syndromes and their implications for therapy". Dr. Theakson does an excellent job of summarizing and simplifying the complex explanations for how acute coronary syndromes develop and present.

This video is licensed Creative Commons By Attribution Sharealike Canada 2.5

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Dr. Karl Theakston: Preventing a Stroke Is Way Cool
05 March 2014

The role of neuroimaging in diagnosis and prognosis of strokes and TIAs

In this first of a three video series on improving stroke care in London's Emergency Department, Dr. Karl Theakston discusses TIA and strokes. He highlights some of the current evidence on pathophysiology and intervention.

This video is licensed Creative Commons By Attribution Sharealike Canada 2.5

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Westernsono Ultrarounds Recap
03 March 2014

The group at Westernsono holds its monthly ultrasound rounds (UltraRounds) on the last Monday of each block where they review interesting cases from the month.  As the timing and location does not work for all, I have attempted to do a brief recap of some of our discussion and interesting cases.  Enjoy and hope to see you at the next session on March 10, 2014.

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