The CCFP-EM Program is a one year program following successful completion of the CCFP training pathway and succesful completion of the CCFP exam. Following this, a one year training pathway is undertaken at Western University through surrounding regional sites as well as the hospitals of the London Health Sciences Centre.

We offer 6-8 local ministry funded spots and 1-3 return of service spots in our regional communities like Windsor and Sarnia. All applications are undertaken through CARMS.

Our program offers a transition to practice curriculum and is active in FOAM. Residents are exposed to patient safety teaching, an academic research project, grand rounds, trauma rounds, advanced POCUS skills and both hi and lo fidelity simulation. We also have periodic Tintinalli rounds and journal club events.

Residents are transitioning to competency based education curricula and have adopted procedure logs as part of their practice.

A brief summary of our blocks is as follows

  • 2 blocks academic emergency medicine at LHSC
  • 1 block community emergency medicine in our surrounding communities
  • 1 block community emergency medicine anesthesia hybrid
    • offered in St. Thomas, Stratford, Windsor, Goderich, Chatham and Sarnia
  • 1 block plastics and hand medicine
    • offered at HULC (St Joesphs Health Care)
    • soon to be offered in Windsor, Stratford and Victoria Hospital Plastics
    • can be combined with a Plastics-EM hybrid rotation
  • 2 blocks paediatric emergency medicine at LHSC
    • can be split with HSC, Toronto
    • can be split with PCCU, London
  • 2 blocks critical care and trauma centre at CCTC
    • can be split with one community ICU block
  • 1 block coronary care and cardiology
    • offered at LHSC, Windsor or Kitchener-Waterloo
  • 1 block Ortho-EM hybrid
    • offered at Urgent Care, London and Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine
  • 1 block of elective time
    • may include emergency medicine, trauma or international work or toxicology in New York
  • 1 block of POCUS applications in EM
    • offered through the he POCUS coordinators and combined with shifts in the LHSC emergency department

Current policies require majority of rotations/blocks to be completed in the Western University affiliate catchment area.

Current Learners