Do you want to work with a progressive, diverse group of more than 70 Emergency Physicians? London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London are recruiting 6 Full time Emergency Physicians to join our city-wide team in July 2019. Our Physician pool is “flush” but in order to maintain a group of this size and keep up with growing volumes we need to hire 6 Emergency Physicians every year! CVs are always accepted from practicing Emergency Physicians with an FRCPC Emergency Medicine, CCFP-EM or equivalent. Emergency Medicine Residents interested in starting in July 2019 should submit their CV by November 30th 2018 for consideration!


The London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) has 854 beds and 130,000 emergency visits, spread over 2 sites. LHSC provides the broadest range of services of any health care system in Ontario. We are also home to The Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Centre, Lawson Research Institute and the Children’s Health Research Institute, and Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advanced Robotics (CSTAR), where our simulation programs are run. St. Joseph’s Health Care London (SJHC) has 21 geographic sites with 1397 beds. The SJHC Urgent Care Centre has 42,000 visits per year. LHSC and SJHC non-emergency physicians offer excellent rapid inpatient and outpatient consultation services for all of our patients. Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology are truly available 24/7.

Clinical Work and Remuneration

All members have an equitable distribution of shifts, based on partnership share. Full time members are scheduled for 10 shifts per month with an option to pick up more. We enjoy competitive remuneration, based on pooled AFA hourly rate with a factor for “unsociable hours”. Individual members keep their own shadow billings.

NO NIGHT SHIFTS – Another attractive feature of our work life are the very popular 6 hour casino shifts for overnight coverage (2200-0400, 0400-1000). Victoria Hospital ED is triple covered for 19 hours per day and double covered throughout the night. University Hospital ED is triple covered for 15 hours, double covered for 3 hours and single covered for the remaining 6 hours.. SJHC UCC is an AFA with shadow billing environment. Most team members work about 20% of their total shift allotment at SJHC UCC. Current UCC hours are 0800-1800 on weekdays and 0800-1600 on weekends. A group that is 70 members strong enables easy trades and last minute coverage for family / personal emergencies.

Living in London

London and its surrounding communities offer an excellent affordable place to live regardless of your age, life style or family situation. Current team members live in a variety of settings including Downtown London, established neighbourhoods (ex. “Old south” or “Old North”), new communities (ex. Sunningdale or Riverbend), small towns (ex. Komoka or Ilderton) and along the shores of Lake Erie (Port Stanley). All of these communities are less than a 30 minute drive to work. Please visit the Good Move London website for a great overview of London and surrounding area.

Our Members

The division members are a talented group with broad academic, professional and leisure interests. We have full and part time partnership positions available, with the opportunity to teach in many settings, as well as pursue other passions, medical and nonmedical! Some of the activities our current members are involved in include:

  • Critical Care
  • Trauma Team Leadership
  • Ultrasound Instruction
  • Medical Education & Research
  • Pre-Hospital Care (Home to the Southwest Ontario Regional Base Hospital)
  • Orng Transport Medicine Physicians
  • Professional Regulation (CPSO)
  • Sports Medicine (with a Team Physician for the National Women’s Hockey team)
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Post-Graduate Education (both FRCP & CCFP-EM)
  • International and refugee health
  • Health Administration
  • Clinical Pharmacology, with an interest in optimal drug treament in the ED
  • UWO Human Ethics Review Board Member
  • Website Development & Medical Informatics

The division website was created and is managed by one of our partners, and is an excellent resource for schedules, teaching, rounds, clinical discussions, as well as billing information, and other clinical resources.


Teaching at all levels is available, with Division participation in all years of undergrad, as well as post grad family medicine emerg seminars, and core content for both FRCP & CCFP-EM programs. ACLS courses occur regularly, under our direction, and there is ample opportunity to participate with the simulation learning at undergrad and post grad levels. We have an active Simulation Program under the Direction of Dr. Mary Fotheringham. Our POCUS group is led by Dr. Drew Thompson, Dr. Bezhad Hassani, Dr. Heather Hames and Dr. Frank Myslik. Many faculty and current trainees are actively involved in POCUS Education and research.


The Division of Emergency Medicine at UWO has a fully supported research program, with Melanie Columbus and Kristine VanAarsen (clinical epidemiologists) as Research Coordinators and Dr. Jonathan Dreyer (Emergency Physician / Professor) as Medical Research Director. The Division also has part-time research assistants who help with prospective data collection, data analysis and interpretation. The faculty in the Division of Emergency Medicine has varied research interests which include:

  • Pre-hospital Care
  • Simulation
  • Sports Medicine
  • Medical Education
  • Sepsis
  • Toxicology
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Administrative Research
  • Trauma

A list of faculty members involved in research, their areas of interest, as well as current projects, publications and grants can be found on our research page. To learn more about the Research program, please contact Melanie Columbus. 

More Information

Contact Dr. Christine MacDonald via email at for more information about our recruitment package and working in our great city and group! We would love to have you visit London to learn more about your career opportunities with our team!