Conducting research can sometimes be a complicated endeavour and the goal of the research office is to help residents and staff navigate through all aspects of their projects from the inception of the idea to dissemination of results. Scholarly activities are a mandatory component of both the FRCPC and CCFP-EM programs. In addition to this, scholarly pursuits in education are encouraged and supported by the division.


Residents are supported in their scholarly endeavours in a number of ways. FRCPC residents are encouraged to choose one larger project early in their residency that can be developed and completed over 3 to 5 years. Those residents with a greater interest are encouraged to also conduct several smaller projects throughout their five year residency. CCFP-EM residents have more limited time to spend on research and are encouraged to complete a smaller scale project (i.e. chart review or survey) that can be completed in their short one year with us.  Research projects may be in any field related to emergency medicine including, but not limited to: medical education, pre-hospital medicine, medical administration, trauma and resuscitation, POCUS or clinical decision making.


Resident Research Day

Resident Research Day (RRD) is an annual event held in the spring by the emergency medicine department. Here, residents from both the royal college and CCFP-EM programs present their active research projects. It is expected that each royal college resident will present at a minimum of three RRDs during their five year residency. In early spring, residents submit an abstract which is then judged by two reviewers. The abstract score determines the type of presentation the resident receives at the annual research day (Full Oral, Lightning Oral or Poster). A group of judges including a visiting physician from an external hospital award monetary prizes to the best presentations.


National & International Conferences

Both FRCPC and CCFP-EM residents are encouraged to present their research findings at a national level conference during their residency. Often, residents present at the annual Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians conference. A conference stipend of $1500 is provided by the program to help cover costs for residents presenting their work.


Medical Student Volunteers

Periodically the Division has research projects that could benefit from the help of medical student volunteers. If you would like more information please contact Kristine Van Aarsen (