Our department is always actively involved in a variety of projects. Below are just a few of the projects that are ongoing currently!

Multicentre Collaborations

  • Canadian Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Site - Principal Investigator- Dr. Matthew Davis
  • Validation of the Canadian Syncope Arrhythmia Risk Score Site - Principal Investigator- Dr. Justin Yan
  • Study to Validate the Canadian Heart Failure Risk Scale Site - Principal Investigator- Dr. Justin Yan
  • Atrial Fibrillation in the Emergency Room (The AFTER Study): Prospective Validation of the Clinical Decision Instruments Site - Principal Investigator- Dr. Jonathan Dreyer

Notable Staff Projects

  • Risk factors for recurrent ED visits for hyperglycemia in patients with diabetes: a prospective cohort study (PI: Dr. Justin Yan)
  • An analysis of defibrillatory pad placement change in prehospital refractory ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest (PI: Dr. Matthew Davis)
  • An environmental scan of Wellness programs in Emergency Medicine Departments across Canada (PI: Dr. Rod Lim)
  • Validation of a High-Quality Low-Cost Open-Source Electrocardiograph (PI: Dr. Tarek Loubani)
  • Point of care biliary ultrasound versus radiology department ultrasound on surgical decision making (PI: Dr. Frank Myslik)

Notable Resident Projects

  • Dr. Dave Morden- PreVERT: Implementation of the modified Valsalva technique in prehospital patient care (PI: Dr. Matthew Davis)
  • Dr. Erik Leci- Evaluating an online educational module to improve reporting of procedural sedation (PI: Dr. Justin Yan)
  • Dr. Carolyn Adams- Evaluation of a Developing Free Open Access Medical Textbook in Emergency Medicine (PI: Dr. Tarek Loubani)
  • Dr. Danielle Kelton- Evaluating factors related to quality and success of mandatory paramedic patches (PI: Dr. Sean Doran)
  • Dr. Michael Blaszak- Practice patterns of emergency department physicians administering naloxone for patients with suspected opioid overdose (PI: Dr. Morgan Riggan)
  • Dr. John Teefy- THC hyperemesis association with repeat emergency department visits - The TREES Study (PI: Dr. Justin Yan)