Research Grants Awarded!!!

I am extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Kris Lehnhardt (LHSC PGY5), Dr. Mike Peddle (LHSC PGY5), Dr. Amit Shah, Dr. Greg Mosdossy, Dr. Michael Rieder (LHSC staff consultants) have been selected from a huge group of applicants to receive a $20,000 research award from the Physicians Services Incorporation (PSI) Foundation for their innovative research study entitled A Prospective Evaluation of Ketamine/Propofol vs. Ketamine alone for Procedural Sedation for Isolated Orthopedic Injury in the Paediatric Emergency Department. Please join me in congratulating Kris, Mike P, Amit, Greg & Mike R!

Last week Dr. Rob Sedran, Dr. Marcia Edmonds and Dr. Karl Theakston (LHSC staff consultants) were awarded a research grant from the Schulich Research Opportunities Program (SROP) for their research project with Justin Yan (UWO medical student) entitled The Utility of Renal Ultrasound in Predicting Urologic Intervention for Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Renal Colic. Congratulations Rob, Marcia, Karl & Justin!

Earlier this month, Dr. Wanda Millard (LHSC staff consultant) was selected to receive the New Investigator Research Grant from the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine (CASM) for her research project with Dr. Heather Hames (PGY 2) entitled Intraarticular Lidocaine vs. Intravenous Sedation for the Reduction of Anterior Shoulder Dislocations in the Emergency Department.

Please note that this project is currently recruiting new patients for enrollment. Study packages are available at all 3 sites (VH POD C at the desk, UH POD A at the desk, and at the UCC in a slot in the back shelving unit...when in doubt, look for the light purple form near the envelopes). Should you have any questions regarding this (or any other research project), please contact Shelley McLeodext 76089. Congratulations Wanda & Heather!